Internet Business Applications

Net Connections web site design process includes understanding your Internet goals and reaching them in the most cost effective manner.

Every web-based business application is really two web sites. The public web site is the store-front. The private web site is the secure back-office where all of the information is maintained.

Shopping Cart Applications

Net Connections offers turn-key shopping cart application for businesses that need an on-line store. The Web-based system gives you all of the control you need to professionally sell your products, receive payments and control inventory.

Database Applications

Net Connections programmers are experts in developing complex database web sites. Every large modern web site requires some type of database programming. Product catalogs are stored in a database and displayed on template web pages. Customer requests and information are taken from web forms and saved to a database. Daily inventory information is uploaded from a corporate system and imported into the web site database for public searching. The list goes on.

Microsoft Windows Technology

RedHat Linux Technology